22 March, 2009

Big UPs for The Pucks!

Just a heads up...

Friends of "The Beast..." and contributors to the film - they wrote and recorded a song for the film "More than Just a Woman" which appears on their imminent album "Martha" - The Pucks have a couple of shows coming up in Vancouver.

They are playing this week - Wednesday March 25th - at the iconic Railway Club; and again in early April they will be playing at the opening of the new Vancouver Convention Centre... in fact they will be the first band playing at the opening - which will make them the first act at the VCC EVER!

Congratulations to them!

See y'all at the show!

04 March, 2009

Green chain opens this weekend against Watchmen

Just a quick link this time...

My buddy Mark Leiren-Young - who appears in "Beast..." - is opening a film this weekend.

It's called The Green Chain.

I have credit as the Director's Assistant - whee!

It stars BSG actors Tricia Helfer & Tahmoh Penikett - as well as voice-actor extroardinaire, Scott McNeil; Leo Award winning (for this film) Jillian Fargey; Brendan Fletcher, August Schellenberg and Babz Chula.

But what I really wanted to comment upon was the awesome - if terribly sobering - article Mark wrote in the Georgia Strait about the realities of Opening Weekend.