14 December, 2007

Cult Times - David Nykl Interview

Kennedy Goodkey - Writer Dude

The latest special issue of 'Cult Times' - a special issue featuring Stragate - includes an interview with "Beast of Bottomless Lake" star, David Nykl. David mostly discusses Stargate, of course, but there are also a few paragraphs and production stills about "Beast...."

Here's a link to an excerpt... which doesn't include the "Beast..." discussion.

In other "Beast..." news at my annual building Christmas party, Craig was able to bring a handful of scenes to show the eager main-ensemble. We all ignored the rest of the shennanigans for a half-hour and sequestered ourselves in my bedroom and watched a few rough cuts that we are preparing for Telefilm.

It was a bit of a tease, the final edit is still a long way off, but everyone was able to pat each other on the back. David declared himself "cautiously optomistic." I think everyone was kind of relieved to see that what we had done was actually working, even in a rough form.

Meanwhile we grind through out Telefilm application... which is far more work than we could have imagined.

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