30 June, 2011

Canada Day Special Programming

Just a quick note to point out that Beast of Bottomless Lake  is back on Super Channel this long weekend.

Appropriate don't you think?  Some kick-ass Cancon comedy for Canada Day.


And don't forget to grab your advance tickets to the DVD Release Party - they will not be available at the door.

29 June, 2011

Tickets Only Available in Advance for the DVD Release Party.

So there is a change...

Due to limitations on our liquor license we cannot sell tickets at the door to the DVD Release party.

It's fairly cut and dried.  If you are coming you will have to buy on line in advance before you come to the show (or directly from one of us with tickets in advance.)

To buy on line just go HERE.

A quick reminder, the party will include - the distribution of DVDs for anyone who pre-ordered one; the screening of several short films - one of which will get a prize from Township 7 for winning the audience choice award; music by The Pucks (who have two sings in The Beast of Bottomless Lake; as well as a raffle and 50/50 draw (and there is currently at least one really cool prize for the 50/50 draw.); and of course, the last big-screen showing of Beast... in Vancouver probably for ever.

Hope to see you there!

28 June, 2011

DVD Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek at the main menu animation for the Beast of Bottomless Lake DVD.

Pre-orders for DVDS are already open: http://www.provostpictures.com/TheBeast-DVD.htm

With the official release date being July 15th 2011.

If you are in Vancouver, there is a DVD release party and screening at the Denman Cinema on the 15th....


23 June, 2011

Ten Years

I don't know if I've written about this on this blog at all, but even if I have, this is still an appropriate time to do so again.

Keith Provost 1960-2001
It was ten years ago this weekend that I was sitting on the couch in my tiny apartment in the West End watching a documentary on SPACE (the Canadian equivalent of SyFy).  It was a truly ridiculous documentary about sasquatch hunters.  These guys were so clearly beyond reason that the documentary was pretty much an unintentional comedy.  I knew that it was prime inspirational material for the film that Craig and Keith and I were working on.  I picked up the phone and called Keith.  There was no answer.  I left a message on the answering machine encouraging him to watch the show when it re-aired in six or eight hours, whatever the rotation was.

At that point we had developed the script to a fairly high-functioning treatment (basically a detailed outline with substantial sections of dialogue).  We had the interest of a local producer and things were looking really promising.

Several hours later the phone rang.  It was Janet, Keith's wife.  Janet and I were friendly, but my relationship was clearly with Keith back then.  It was instantly odd that she was calling - the last time she had called me was months earlier, to prepare for Keith's birthday.

Janet told me about the accident.  He was already gone.

I don't know what exactly I said.  "Oh my god, Janet."  Or something equally as shocked and empty.  She asked me if I would make phone calls to get the word out.  Naturally I couldn't turn her down.  That was one of the most difficult tasks I ever had to do.  I did a terrible job of the first call.  I approached it like any other phone call with small talk off the top.  The news totally blindsided the person I called.  I'm still sorry about that, T.  Sure the news was going to blindside anyone, but it was immediately clear that the only remotely "good" way of imparting the news was as immediately as possible.  I did tell one friend to call me when he was home, or at least not in public on his cellphone.  I'd recently been party to a pair of sisters getting bad news about their father on the bus on a cellphone.  The worst part of that experience was the sister who wasn't on the phone was getting the news the same way all us strangers who had unwillingly been pulled into the conversation as eavesdroppers were getting the news.

I called everyone in my phone book who knew Keith, then went into my bedroom and screamed into my pillow for god knows how long.  Somehow I managed to go to work and put in a full shift - though I booked off the next few days.

A friend of mine picked me up from after my shift and took me home to her place and held me all night.  We had been lovers, but that was not on the agenda at this time - we were beyond it.  This was strictly me needing someone to hold me until I was ready to face the first full day without Keith.  I didn't sleep that night.  I just lay in bed. methodically re-playing every moment of my friendship with Keith over in my head.

I still can't believe he is gone some days.  I definitely can't believe it has been ten years - more than twice as long as we were friends.  I am now almost two years older than he ever was.  I cannot look at a photo of him and see an older man.  That seems amazing and even a little impossible to me, but despite that kneejerk reaction, it is true.

I'm alone tonight, no one to hold me.  Jodie and December are visiting grandma.  But I think I'm going to try re-imagining those years when Keith was one of my best friends as best I can.  It has been ten years, it's time to honour him once again.

22 June, 2011

So what exactly IS on the DVD?

Hey, I am glad you asked. I'm pretty darned happy with the package we've created, and I'm itching to boast about it.

Of course the movie is on the DVD in full resolution and in the unbranded equivalent of a major stereo format.

Deleted scenes including:
     - The original end of the film.
     - A sub-plot line revolving around the character I played, Stewart.
     - A secret insight into the background of Lesley Morgenstern.
     - More of Stewart at the police Station.
     - Neville's encounter with a very frightening creature (played by my niece, Kaz).
     - Several extended sequences of Neville absurdity.
     - A nod to Canadian film royalty.

Two commentaries:
     - One featuring Craig and I having a lot of fun talking about the process of making the film.
     - One hosted by our star, David Nykl, featuring a discussion with the Science Advisor on The Beast of Bottomless Lake, Stan Orchard (who was one of several scientists involved as experts in one of the most famous Ogopogo sightings, "The Chaplin Film.") and Daniel Loxton, editor of Jr. Skeptic Magazine and a big fan of cryptozoology.  They discuss the history of Ogopogo sightings and other cryptozoological oddities, the relationship between ambition and science, the role of pseudo-science in society and of course just how accurate (and innaccurate) the science in Beast is.

Three 'making of' featurettes:
     - One highlighting the course of one entire day on the set of The Beast of Bottomless Lake.
     - One showing the highlights and hi-jinx from over 24 hours of behind the scenes footage that was shot during the filming of the movie.
     - One that is guaranteed to be the highlight of the bonus features.  I can't even say much about it, as to tell anything not only spoils one of the great moments in the film, but also ruins the surprise of one of the most ironic things that could have (and did) happen to us while we were filming on Okanagan Lake.  If you've been to a Q&A session with us you may have heard about this.  Otherwise get ready for some great footage of the best behind the scenes story we have about making The Beast of Bottomless Lake.

There will be other additional behind the scenes footage released on YouTube in the coming months, but the best will always only be available on the DVD.  The purchasing page is now live.  So go order your copy today.

20 June, 2011

The DVD Approaches....

The Beast of Bottomless Lake DVD is imminent.

Much of last week - between Stanley Cup Final games - was spent tweaking audio levels on commentaries and picking fonts for chirons in the featurettes. By now everything is out of my hands and we are working on plans for the release party while the manufacturing is completed.

If you are in the region (of Vancouver) on July 15th and you haven't had a chance to see The Beast of Bottomless Lake on a big screen this very seriously could be your last chance.

The party will be at the Denman Cinema starting at 7:30. We will be screening five short films that we have selected from a heap of entries and giving away a prize to the film that the audience deems the best.

We will announce the chosen short films in a day or two.

Also there will be music by The Pucks who have two songs of their CD Martha in The Beast of Bottomless Lake.

There will be door prizes, 50/50 draw and of course beer and wine and popcorn.

Tickets are available at the Denman, online at Stubmatic or if you happen to know one of us, we have tickets available too. They are $15 in advance and $20 at the door.