15 June, 2007

Goodbye Hitler of Green Gables

Kennedy Goodkey - Writer DudeIt’s the day after. Time to take down the tents and sweep out the cages.

Last night around 2AM, Craig declared “Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s a wrap on
the Beast of Bottomless Lake!” I had a very brief moment of emotion – sadness and relief – but I had somehow expected it to be more. I figure that I had anticipated that moment so many times that I had, by the time it actually
happened, already processed those emotions. We picked up our things and headed for the cars. Shook some hands and said “see you in the morning” or “see you
on Sunday” – depending upon who was talking.

I ordered Craig to take today off. So far all evidence suggests that for the most part he has.

Today we inventoried equipment and returned the various bits and pieces. Lights and grip equipment, mics and of course our equipment trailer.

We got a great deal from U-Haul on a trailer. You may be familiar with the current U-Haul corporate image: each of their vehicles has a painting on the side of it, each one representing a landmark from some place in North America. Wyoming: Devil’s Tower. The VLA in Virginia; the CN Tower in Ontario and… as appeared on our trailer… Anne of Green Gables, except a previous renter had spray-painted a Hitler moustache on her — something which continued to amuse us right through to the end of shooting. I hope someone has a photo of it [image below right courtesy of the author].

Kennedy Goodkey - Writer DudeI drove Gordon out to the ferry, and on the way home had a little chat with Keith. I’d had a chat with Keith on my solo trip to the Okanagan which made me cry. It had been a good way to start the production. I figured I end it the same way. It wasn’t as emotional as the first talk had been. Not even close really. I suppose that we managed to finish pretty strongly — I am sick as a
dog, but apart from that, strongly – and while there were inevitable issues to deal with along the way, we feel really good about most of what we accomplished in this past month. The fact that things have gone well perhaps makes this less emotionally charged than the uncertainty of the beginning was.

But there we go. We are done. …shooting.
— Kennedy
Writer Dude

05 June, 2007

The World's Biggest Steel Welded Building!

Kennedy Goodkey - Writer DudeOr Vancouver's biggest postage stamp helicopter landing pad? David/Fabrice had a few more descriptions...

I was lucky enough to be able to help out with the weekend shoot at the Vancouver Post Office building, so I thought I would throw down a few notes about my experience.

First a little background on who I am and how I fit in this picture: I have been writing screenplays and short stories for too many years to mention. I have shot many short films/videos since I was a teenager and have always dreamed of working in the film industry. My first passion was for makeup effects, but that soon turned to writing… fast forward many years to 1995. I met Craig through our mutual friend Martin Conde, with whom I had written and shot a few shorts. Craig and I hit it off and we started writing together (Craig - remember the script about three friends that decide to smuggle drugs to fund a movie about three friends smuggling drugs to fund a movie idea? Still has legs baby!)

Anyway that script was a bit too ambitious, so Craig and I wrote Jerry's Day, a feature about a guy turning 30 who is having relationship-family-friendship issues. We shot the movie over the summer of 1999 with Craig directing and me operating the camera. I didn't have much camera experience and the equipment we were using wasn't very good so the sound and picture quality wasn't quite there, although the actors gave fantastic performances, the crew was great and the story itself was pretty solid. I was stressed out the whole time thinking that I was not doing a good enough job for what the project deserved, and by the end of it Craig and I were barely speaking (my fault…). Even with all the problems we had, the experience is still one the highlights of my life.

The only advice I can give everyone that is working on this project is to keep going and stay as positive as you can, even in high stress/problem times. You will look back at these weeks with a HUGE amount of pride in the future, so keep going!!! As for Jerry's Day, we made a preview/trailer but that was as far as it got. I still have the digital tapes waiting to be edited in case anyone out there wants to give it a try - contact me through Craig. Really. I'm serious!

When Craig and Kennedy started working on this project, I was thrilled and jealous at the same time. I offered to do whatever I could to help out, except I was broke and was working full time so I didn't have much to offer. My wife Kerry did manage to get her Dad to donate the use of his house for part of the shoot, so that was something. But then Craig said he was shooting on the weekend! Yeahoo! I could help out after all!!!

Although it took a little persuading to get my wife and kids to agree to lose me for a weekend… I was able to help out at the post office.

How was the shoot? In on one word - HOT! Temperature, quality of work, some of the crew… it covers it all. The dolly shots using a mail cart were very cool. I actually got to be an extra for a scene!

As a crew member I only managed to screw up one take by being caught by the camera, so the damage was minimal. Unless of course, that was THE TAKE, and I'll feel guilt for the rest of my life.

Big thanks to Jill and Scott for being so amazing — Scott arranged for the locations, helped out with everything as a crew member (and extra!) and Jill and Elaine provided four star meals for everyone. I like food. I spent lots of time on Sunday snacking, but mostly during the scene in the meeting room where the temperature was hovering about 110. I'm sure some people sweated-out a few pounds over those hours! Well, I gained them back to balance it all out.

I'm excited to be able to help out again on Wednesday, and I'll be the first in line at the theatre when it comes out!

— Kevin Bennett

01 June, 2007

A Speech from the Father of the Groom

Jerry Mason - plays the ‘Father of the Groom’Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to thank Lara’s father for allowing me a couple of minutes to say a few words, it’s just very sad that he can’t be here with us this evening, but please be assured that both my wife and I will be visiting him at the Intensive Care Unit first thing in the morning after giving a statement to Transport Canada.

Apart from that unfortunate incident — well, actually plus several others — what a wonderful day it was!

Considering my wife and I only met last month, at the Ramala Ranch resort (with much thanks to the Craig March dating agency, which certainly now comes with our full endorsement, what a perfect match. Craig and both his researchers Kennedy and David certainly do there homework, cleverly financing their company operation by collecting huge amounts of used beer cans — which incidentally must have been taking up the best part of 5 acres at the ranch — anyway, I digress), my wife and I never thought we would see our little Damien getting married… quite so soon… my how time flies!

I must say that we both just loved the ceremony, we noticed all the small touches, even the Commissioner and his resemblance to Patrick Swayze.

Patrick Swayze is not in this movie

But I must take my hat off to the chef, the food was first class. I particularly enjoyed the little gummy cherry flavoured feet… actually I’m still picking them out of my teeth! And brewing a late night pot of coffee in the ladies’ wash room of the yacht club, after the failure of the boat’s generator, was a challenge to say the least! And you didn’t catch me, ladies!

Well, I think I’ve had my few minutes, I know many of you have to travel back to Vancouver.

I would like to add my thanks to all the staff who made today such a success, particularly the ambulance crew.

Finally, just like everybody else here today, we are both so looking forward to seeing the photos and video of Lara and Damien’s special day, particularly all those special little moments that the video-grapher is so clever at capturing.

So, once again, please join me in raising your glasses… Ladies and Gentlemen, Lara and Damien.

— Jerry Mason
‘Father of the Groom’