04 August, 2009

Toronto Announces Film Schedule - Sorry Folks this isn't a "Great News!" post.

So, what more is there to say after that post-title?

TIFF has announced their films for this year.

"Beast..." is not one of them. We've actually know this for a few days but haven't made much noise about it until the official announcement.

Am I disappointed? Well, yeah. Kind of.
But honestly I'm a bit relieved too.

We were unable to provide TIFF with a completed version of the film. It was a work in progress. That is never the best situation, but it's not the end of the world.

If we had been accepted... well we STILL aren't quite done. We are very close, but the stress of that impending deadline (plus all the additional work that being in the third biggest film festival in the world) would entail... I'm a bit relieved we don't have to deal with that.

As I've told a number of people - getting into Toronto would have been a huge deal, but not getting into Toronto is not a huge deal. There are plenty of other festivals - a number of which are on the immediate horizon. Not getting into Toronto does not mark being a failure.

Now we can finish the film at our pace - which ironically doesn't add much time to the schedule, but it takes off the pressure to finish hell or high-water and we can roll with complications rather than panic over them.

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Unknown said...

And to think we moved to Ontario just to see the movie.........the beast will arise one day.

Good Luck,
Garner and Janet