29 November, 2009

Heading into the Mix

I'll be doing another update very soon.  I just wanted to make not that we are on the verge of going into the sound mix.
It starts tomorrow.
The composers are finished, the picture is complete - all the effects comped into the final version.

There will be inevitable tweaks of the credits, but that's simply a matter of adding the appropriate text to the scroll and adjusting the timing accordingly.  But truly, this week we will be finished making The Beast of Bottomless Lake.

There are some exciting possibilities ahead that it would be a bad idea to speak directly about here, but let it be said that after all this time - too long a time in many ways - we will no longer be 'making a movie' we will 'have made a movie.'

I'll report on the sound mix in the next few days - and then once that's done, it's really just a matter of creating a final render. 

What a long fabulous journey it has been.


Rosehawk said...
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Rosehawk said...

Great news! I've never really followed a movie before so it will really be fun and exciting to get to finally see the end results of everyone's hard work!