05 January, 2010

Bring on the Love...

We are days away from the cast and crew screening.  I am swamped.
But it's exciting.
People are coming from the Okanagan to Vancouver to see the film... more people than we thought were going to travel.
And for some strange reason today we've had an inexplicable spike in website hits.
I checked the stats to see why... thinking that it'd be people on the 'in' checking out the blog as we send out important emails to them about the film, but it isn't.
It's realy just a confluence of fortunate hits from all around the globe. 
The most amusing of which came from a Google hit on "is there any such thing as a bottomless lake?"
The answer to which is: "Yes.  There is.  But probably not in the sense you want to be told so."
Okanagan lake - a "bottomless" lake.   Has no definable bottom in places because there is no firm (pun unintentional) bottom.  There is a continuum from water to dirty water to mud to clay to terra firma.  So, where exactly is the "bottom"?
To add to the confusion, the lake has an undeterminable bottom by right of the fact that the bottom is so deep that there are portions that never fully thaw over the winter.  The ice bottom shifts from year to year.  It isn't the proper bottom, but it is the farthest one can descend in any given season.

Anyhow... I'll take whatever connections we can to promote this film.  Perhaps soon I won't have to.  But this weekend, who am I kidding, we're playing for a crowd destined to love it, no matter what.

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