18 June, 2010

And Mississauga Too!

As much news in as many days...

We are also going to the Mississauga Film Festival next month - yay!

Mississauga, for those outside of Canada, is a large municipality that adds to the Greater Toronto area.  The festival is small and exclusive, focusing on Canadian independent films.  It's a good place for a film like ours due to the ease of access for many of the domestic broadcast and distribution decision makers who are located in Toronto.

There are many remaining festivals on our list of festivals that we would really like to be selected for that we've applied to, but Mississauga and Okanagan are for various reasons, two of our top five on the wish-list... so far, so good!

Both Craig and I will be attending the screening... so if you are in the area, come and say "hi!"

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