12 April, 2011

How Surreal....

Well, there we have it folks!  Not that The Beast... can't do more, or go further than a Canadian cable broadcast - indeed we hope it will and are working on possibilities, at least one of which is essentially a certainty.

Last Wednesday night - almost late afternoon here on the West coast - Super Channel had it's first screening of the film.

I had taken my family back to my hometown on short notice to see my father who had recently had knee replacement surgery.  It was good timing.  While we were there, Dad and his wife ordered Super Channel and we invited some of their other grandkids as well as the band that lives in Prince George that plays two songs in the film - the Pucks - to come over and watch the film with us.

I must admit that it was kind of odd.

On one hand, I've seen the film on TV before... or at least on A TV.  So in that sense there was nothing remarkable about the viewing.  Indeed, I sat in the kitchen (still in view of the screen, but very off-axis) and drank beer and listened to people's reactions.  But on the other hand there was the knowledge that at the same time there could be people in Halifax and Montreal and Kenora and Moose Jaw and Kamloops all watching the same broadcast.  It's something I could really only grasp intellectually - it didn't really feel any different than watching a DVD screener.

I grudgingly suppose it is now only a matter of time before the damned thing is available in pirated form for download*.... sigh.


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