15 August, 2006

Beastly Dreams

Craig March, the hug-addicted DirectorI wake up yesterday morning to my wife looking at me kind of funny with this grin on her face and she says, “You were sleep-talking last night.”

I reply with, “Oh yeah, what about?”

“You woke me up talking about casting for the movie. You were talking about casting a female and her audition was pretty great and what did I think. You kept on talking and I finally pinched you and asked if you were awake and your reply was, ‘Of course I'm awake!’ in a rather grumpy tone and that was the end of it.

“The conversation ended and I went back to sleep knowing you were asleep the whole time.”

Okay, when one starts talking about the movie in one’s sleep, one is a little obsessed.

But I am glad that I am obsessed.

I'm glad that this is all-consuming.

I'm glad that I am dreaming out loud about our dream of making The Beast of Bottomless Lake.
- Craig

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