26 June, 2006

Dust this off...

Kennedy Goodkey - Writer DudeOh wow… look at this over here… it's the old Provost Pictures blog, all dusty and left forgotten.

Jeez, look at this stuff… "Kennedy, Craig and Wendy…" Oh that's a laugh… Wendy was two producers ago.

Oh, and look at this quaint title to the next most recent entry "A Big Few Days" - oh how naive I was. Twice over.

And so much else has happened… media… trips… more staff and crew… promises from actors…

It goes on.But what's this about entries disappearing?

Hmmm… I guess I won't invest too much time in this. That was the issue before. Too much time for stuff that didn't exist in the end.

One last thought before I go… and I have no idea if I'll be back, so this really could be the last…

This came up on a Google search. Right now I Google us at least once a week to see where we're coming up. Some of it's pretty damned funny (not as funny as Juanabees fan mail, but pretty funny). I was actually wanting to find a blog entry about us that amused me. Very funny. I want to put it in my video diary (which better serves my needs than a blog). But this is the first time that this blog ever appeared — and only once in the entire search, no redundancies. That alone might be its saving grace. I had forgotten it existed. Presumably now I'll get an occasional hit.
- Kennedy

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