11 January, 2006

Okay… I hate Blogger.

Kennedy Goodkey - Writer DudeOkay… I hate Blogger.

How many times have I written posts only to lose them when I go to publish them?

I've learned to copy the text first, though I don't always remember.

This time… I was in the process of copying the text… and it all disappeared, never to return again.


And I don't want to waste time rewriting it all now. Fucking FUCK!!!

Perhaps in a day or two I'll try again.

In a few sentences what I lost was…

We had some meetings with various financiers/development people - generally good.

Tony our Telefilm contact has left Telefilm - could be good.

We interviewed 1st A.D.s - one excellent candidate, we hope she says yes. We may want to hire others we interviewed for different jobs.

- Kennedy

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