19 October, 2005

Fortunate Meeting

Kennedy Goodkey - Writer DudeThere are actually a number of things worth mentioning…

A week ago yesterday I met with Neil Every regarding the script. Ouch. Well... good and bad. He generally loved the script, but I walked away with three pages of notes — most of which rang really true — of things he felt we could improve.

Gawd… we've done this how many times? I'm tired of rewriting this damned script.

We'll do it, but… augh!

If Neil's notes didn't feel right, it would be a different story. Much of what he had to say appeared to me to be symptoms of minute changes in various directions which have gradually dragged the script away from strengths it once had in order to serve other elements that needed to be buoyed up.

I guess it feels a bit like the wheels are spinning.

But in other news…

I scored a gig that technically speaking I have no business doing. It's only about 5 or 6 days of work, but I got a job on an indie-feature wearing a number of hats — in this case I was brought on as the B-Roll director/camera-operator, but it has morphed/blossomed into B-Roll/B-Cam/2nd Unit/1st A.D. (when the real 1st A.D. is unavailable)/and now possibly location scout. It's certainly the nature of Indie film, but the difference between this and anything else I've ever done is that there are some very real star-power (Canadian famous) in this one.

But the real story here is that the Senior Investment Analyst for Telefilm is one of the producers.

He knew who I was — he had been impressed by the eBay initiative. He gave me his card and wants to talk. Yoiks.
- Kennedy

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