09 June, 2008

More Cutting, More Fun

Oh happy day.

Sat down with Mike to watch the first twenty minutes or so fo the film yesterday.
Significantly there is an aspect of the film which there has been some question about how it should work visually.
Craig and I have naturally talked about it a lot in the past years of preparing the film. We even made a point of showing sample scenes to various people to get a sense of whether they thought it worked or not. For the most part there has been no problem with our plan... but three people on the inside of the production have expressed their own doubts - emphatically. Craig and I decided to give Mike a chance to solve the problem his own way in the editing room... though I have to admit we were both skeptical. Yesterday we got to see if it was going to work.
It works. I am very happy about that. There is no need for any argument. Yay!

In other news...

I was sent a fun link this morning. I admit, I'm a Firefly fan. I've actually watched a shamefully small amount of Stargate considering the David Nykl connection... in fact I made a point of watching a few episodes THE VERY DAY we left for the Okanagan last spring, just so that I wouldn't be totally clueless should it ever come up. Only one of them had Dr. Zelenka in it.
I'm getting WAY off topic here, but there is actually a shot in the existing cut of Beast where David and I are standing on the boat having an argument. It's taken from quite a distance, so the audio is actually lifted from other close up takes. If the audio could have been heard - David and I were actually arguing about Stargate. I should have never opened that can of worms. I made some random comment about Wraiths - one of the few things I had grokked from those two episodes. Within a sentence David was pwning me.

Anyhow - back to the REAL point. Another Firefly fan sent me this. The juice is around the four minute mark.

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Rosehawk said...

Wow, another update, does this mean the movie about Ogopogo is progessing along nicely??

The Firefly link was great. Firefly was some wonderful Sci-fi!

Now what could there possibly be to argue about with the Wraith. Thems the bad guys.

If you think David is great in The Beast of Bottomless Lake, he's fantastic as Zelenka in Stargate, you otta watch a few more episodes.