19 July, 2008

Dr. Horrible... a kindred.

The clock is ticking on this one.

As of this writing, there are 29 hours left to watch "Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog." on line for free.

Go. Do it now.

Is it after midnight on June 20th? Okay, go to iTunes and down load the episodes (sorry, you'll have to pay).

It's a project that Joss Whedon put together over the writer's strike to prove a point.

As he says in his "Master Plan" he did it cheap in order to prove how much can be done with so little, and that that can be turned around and made profit upon on the internet by the creator, rather than going through a distributor or a network. No doubt, more easily accomplished in his position, but definitely food for thought - there is no doubt that the internet is consuming all other media access routes and the survivors will be getting on board now... the only real question is "How is this going to work?"

It's a question Provost Pictures has asked of ourselves. Our future lies out there too. I still hope we can find a distributor or broadcaster, there's no reason to think we won't. But if we don't... we'll be trying our hand at internet self-distribution. I am excited to try. Maybe some day "Beast" will be available via iTunes!

Anyhow, I hope JW can make it work. It's a fun little show - perhaps 45 minutes long, and very much NOT what you'd expect from someone working under the thumb of a 'system'... oh, wait a second, for "Dr. Horrible..." Joss was already out from under any kind of system. It is exciting. And the 'To show how much could be done with very little. To show the world there is another way.' and 'Proving we can turn Dr Horrible into a viable economic proposition as well as an awesome goof will only inspire more people to lay themselves out in the same way. It’s time for the dissemination of the artistic process. Create more for less.' parts... those sound an awful lot like what Craig and I have been telling each other for three years now.

Me happy.

We go watch Dr. Horrible again, before it's not free anymore.

(And buy the DVD when it comes out.)

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