15 September, 2010

The Beast Lurks at VCON

Forgive the brevity and "cut-and-pasty-ness" of this, but I became a new father this past weekend, so really I haven't got much time for this, but it IS an important announcement...

The Beast of Bottomless Lake is going to be screening in Vancouver (Richmond, technically) on October the 2nd.

Okay, here comes the cut & paste...

The Beast of Bottomless Lake, will have its first public Vancouver screening at the 2010 Vancouver’s Convention of Science Fiction and Fantasy (VCON).
The film will screen on Saturday, October 2, at 1 pm, followed by a panel discussion with Kennedy Goodkey (writer), Craig March (Director), David Nykl (Dr. Paul Moran), Bronwen Smith (Dr. Leslie Morgenstern), Roger Haskett (Neville Bernard Vincent St. John Honey III) Melanie Blackwell (The Peg-leg Princess) Phil Mahoney (Composer) Mike Jackson (editor), Scott John (Producer), and Rebecca Coleman (Publicist).

The Beast of Bottomless Lake screens at 1 pm on Saturday, October 2 as part of VCON. The screening will take place in the Seymour/Whistler rooms at The Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel, 7571 Westminster Highway, Richmond.
If you are Vancouver based and still want to see the film, this would be a good chance to see it - with a bonus of a meaty panel discussion (roughly a full hour - you don't get that kind of length in film festival talk-back sessions) AND, if like me you've always toyed with the idea of going to a sci-fi convention but have never taken the plunge, here is a great excuse! 

Convention memberships are available for the whole weekend, or just for a day on line through the VCON website or at the door.  The price for the weekend is $60 (Students: $45; Kids: 7-12 $30 (6 & under free)); or $35 just for Saturday.  Seating for the film is included in the membership, but space is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis.

So, come early, stake out the line up for the film, check-out comic-vendors, other panels, or whatever else piques your interest, see the film, then hang out into the evening getting your geek-on.

I am totally looking forward to it myself.

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