08 September, 2011

A Bunch of On Set Interviews

It's the eve of The Beast of Bottomless Lake's theatrical run.

It's more than just a little weird to not be there, but such it the way these things go.  I'm a new Dad... well, it's practically been a year - four days shy at this point, and between that and work-related commitments I simply can't be there.

As my daughter naps I've been grinding away in these past few days getting the last few extra videos of behind the scenes material finished.

I have five new interviews that our EPK cameraman, Kevin Roberts collected on location in the Okanagan up and ready.  There are more to come soon.

Interview with Bronwen Smith: Interview with Roger Haskett: Interview with Alex Zahara: First interview with Gordon May: Second interview with Gordon May:


Rosehawk said...

It looks like the 1st and 2nd interview with Clive are the same one!

These are alot of fun to watch! Thanks for posting them!

jedischooldropout said...

Thank you! Fixed!