28 September, 2011

More On Set Interviews

I crossed a threshold yesterday that I didn't realize was there until it was passed.  I completed what was more thn likely the last piece of creative work on The Beast of Bottomless Lake.  Though, when I say "creative" I have to admit that the amount of real creative work that was involved was pretty limited.  The last few pieces have really been little more than deciding how to present on-set interviews: editing out a few spoilers and the odd rambling bit that was too littered with in-jokes or deciding which camera angle to use when more than one was available - that kind of thing.  Truly the shallow-end of creative endeavour.  In many ways the most creative decision I made at the end was to not edit one last featurette which I ultimately decided wasn't as entertaining as I once thought it would be.

With this behind us the number of things worth blogging about is bound to dwindle.  Sure I could report on the minutae (We got a full 10 out of 10 from CTRC, meaning we are worth 150% time-credit to broadcasters!  Interesting, huh?), but with DVDs released and our theatrical run over, the big events we are now waiting for are going to be pretty spread out and will amount to "Hey everyone, we just got a broadcast deal on the Iceland National Broadcasting Service!"  (We didn't.  Yet.  We aren't even in negotiations.  But stanger things have happened.)

Meantime, here are the last two interviews:

Leanne Jijian Hume:

David Nykl:

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