23 November, 2011

The Beast's New PAL

At long last...

Have you ordered a PAL DVD version of The Beast of Bottomless Lake?

Well expect to see it in your mailbox soon!

We recieved our order of PAL DVDs yesterday and they will begin shipping over the next week.

We are delighted that this has finally come to fruition.  The technical differences between NTSC and PAL versions slowed down the process of getting the DVDs ready, but the good news is that the DVDs will be going out with th complete set of features that the NTSC discs went out with - indeed with slight tweaks (dare I say improvements?) that we will include in future batches of the NTSC DVDs.  (If you happen to  have the original NTSC discs, don't fret, the tweaks are truly slight... we'd probably have to point them out to you for you to notice the difference.  It is simply a matter of our perfectionism and pride.)

So the Beast will soon be seen in places like Britain, Australia and Japan...


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