25 November, 2011

One Month to Christmas

Ya know...

If you order now... or even in the next ten days... you can still get copies of The Beast of Bottomless Lake for the folks you love the most... or even those you just kinda love in time for Christmas.

The DVD store is open on our website.  Don't be shy.


Do you know someone who loves The Beast of Bottomless Lake?  I don't mean in an unhealthy way.  Not in a "well then why don't you marry it" childish kinda way either.  Merely in that way that they are too often heard saying "hey, have you seen that really cool rather unknown film The Beast of Bottomless Lake?"  Well then you can help them get their message across and save yourself having to hear that tiresome refrain by getting them something from our CafePress Store.  'Cause if they are wearing a Beast hoodie and drinking from a Beast coffee mug and tweeting (probably about Beast... don't forget the hashtag "#thebeast") on their iPhone with a Beast phone cover... then they won't feel the need to keep chatting you up about the film, now, will they?

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