22 October, 2012

And on...

It has been a year since the last theatrical screening of The Beast of Bottomless Lake - in fact almost to the minute of the beginning of the showing as I write this now.

Due to the SuperChannel release of Beast it has been difficult to impossible to move forward on other sales and platforms - specifically streaming.  I should be careful to point out that this is in no way an indictment of SuperChannel - we loved having the film in their hands for 18 months.  It was simply the nature of the contract that there wasn't much room for additional sales while their broadcast window was open.

But our contract ended at the beginning of this month.  We are now beginning to move forward on other avenues.  I can't say what precisely those will be until we have more clarity on how we are proceeding, but suffice to say that one way or another it will become much easier for people all around the world to see The Beast of Bottomless Lake.
Two more things before I put an end to this brief message...

First a little piece of art (I'm not sure, I think it qualifies as manga.)  A characterization of David Nykl as Paul Moran.  I've forgotten where this came across my desk from.  I've been sitting on it for far too long and it is time to share.  I shamefully admit that I have no idea who the artist is.  If you are reading this and it is yours, please please please let me know so I can credit you properly (or remove it if you would prefer).
"Curse you 'Pogo!!!!"
Secondly, I'm testing the waters on something, but first a little set-up (feel free to skip ahead to "HERE'S THE THING" below if you find the following self-indulgence boring)....  I've been busy with all manner of creative endeavours lately.  Perhaps you are already familiar with one or two of those that are public.
I've been serializing a novel (well, a trilogy ultimately); Necropolis for free online.  I admit it comes and goes in frequency, but I am gradually making headway.  I recently finished and posted the second part and and have the beginning of the third part ready.  The first book is heading into it's final stage.  Whee!  I have a pretty good idea of where the long-range destination of the narrative is going, but I admit there is a certain amount of making-it-up and consequent discovery as I go.  Check it out.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I am enjoying creating it.
Secondly, many years ago I took it upon myself to see every film that has ever won the Best Picture Oscar.  Then a few years ago I decided to start doing short videos on the various films that have won.  It is very lo-fi and I am really taking my time around paid work and other promising projects, but I do have fun making them.  You can find the whole set thus far at Best PictureI should have the next one ready to go reasonably soon.
Then comes the stuff that I can't talk about so much: A few screenplays I'm hoping to move and a pair of TV shows I'm trying to sell (including one I created with Roger Haskett who played Neville in Beast.And of course there is the never ending social jazz-improv of raising a child... I also have a ridiculously huge catalogue of videos collected on line about her, called "Three Minutes of December" but I won't subject you to that directly - some are pretty fun, but most are largely for documentary purposes and for family interest.

Amongst all those other projects I've been planning out and writing samples of a proposed book about independent film-making.  I haven't got a lot that I can add technically to the existing literature, but I can provide a great yarn about the emotional journey - complete with lofty highs and dismal lows - that would serve as a case study, or a non-fiction novel.  I've done some market research with the assistence of Biz Books (whose old store was used as the bookstore in Beast) and determined that there is effectively no such book available.
I've been approaching publishers and also considering the possibilities of self-publication.  The latter is a significantly different (ahem) beast.  If I can sell the book to a publisher I will have a guarantee of at least some small payment, whereas self-publishing is effectively writing on spec (not that I haven't done that before) and signing myself up for even more work in promotion - though with the added plus that I effectively get the entirety of the profits for myself.
So, I'm wondering who out there would read such a book.  Would you??  Answer in the comments please if you would.  I know this a small segment of potential readers I am reaching now, but its a starting sample.  It could make a difference as to whether I forge forward or not.


Spubba said...

Hi, I'm the artist who made the drawing. Thanks for the kind words!

Rosehawk said...

Hey Kennedy...if you wrote it more from the emotional journey..I sure would read it. I'm not a film-maker, just a fan so the story(ies)itself is what I would find more interesting. If I hadn't met you, I probably wouldn't, however I have met you and know you have alot out there to share. Good Luck with which ever way you go.