02 July, 2011

New Swag!

If you don't know about the DVD release you haven't been reading this blog.

But wait there's more.

We would like to take this opportunity to announce that the formerly paltry number of items in our CafePress store has expanded... a lot.



Where there used to be about a dozen different shirt styles in 4-5 colours, there are now more things than anyone will ever buy.

While of course there is standard fare... like the aforementioned shirts - now in more styles, roughly the same number of colours, but with four different images that configure in a metric tonne of different ways - like hoodies and pyjamas

There is also fairly common stuff like coffee cups, water bottles clocks, baby-onesies, hats and iPhone cases....

(Note that the images here are merely the smallest sample.)
As well as utterly stupid stuff like Dog T-shirts, coasters and throw pillows... that is if you really need a Beast of Bottomless Lake Dog T-Shirt..

1 comment:

Rosehawk said...

Aghhh...now where were all these options when I was looking for a shirt to get autographed last Fall? *sigh*

Love the Teddy Bear! Could be fun along with the DVD to get autographed at some point if I ever go to another convention!