09 July, 2011

Red Carpet Preview

Okay so "red carpet" is just a bit extreme.  I don't think we're shelling out for a roll of rug.  But there has been some question as to who is going to be at the screening.

I'm just sticking to what I know and only dealing with the principles here.

The Director, Craig March will of course be on hand.  I, myself, will be there (Kennedy Goodkey) - co-writer and the actor playing Stewart, the grumpy physicist.  Bronwen Smith who played Leslie, the earth mother-y ecology scientist is going to be there with her husband John Prowse who is also in the film in one of my favourite cameos.  Fabrice Grover, who plays documentarian Ernie McKellar is going to be present - and on a side note is somewhat ironically going to be being followed by a documentary crew doing a film about Canadian independent film.  I do not know if Roger Haskett will be in the house - he just had a new addition to his family (four weeks early!) last week, which understandably has changed his priorities.  Leanne Jijian Hume who plays Paul Moran's assistant (and love interest) will be in attendance - this is kind of special as Leanne lives in East Timor now so her being here on the right day is an unusual treat.  And of course that leaves the person who will be most asked about - David Nykl, the star of the film...  Unfortunately I just got word from David.  He has been trying to switch around some obligations, but it has not come to pass.  We will have to welcome the DVD into the world without him in attendance.  He will of course be there in spirit (and of course he is featured on one of the two commentaries on the DVD.)

And of course... The Pucks (who have two songs in the film) will be there rocking the house.

So... if you don't already have all the info:

What Day?
The 15th of July - that is FRIDAY coming up.

Doors open 6:30, Short films start at 7:30, our feature starts between 9:00 and 9:30

Denman Cinemas, 1779 Comox Street, Vancouver

How much?
$15 in Advance
You can buy tickets online at http://www.stubmatic.com/P​romethian/event/6690

Bring your friends!

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