07 May, 2007

Egg and Tuna Salad Work Their Magic

Leanne Jijian-Hume - she’s playing “Sondra”Okay - So I have been asked to write a blog about the first weekend of rehearsal for The Beast of Bottomless Lake. I have never “Blogged” before… it all seems a little strange but here goes…

So meeting everyone for the first time on Saturday was very cool. It was great to actually see the people who are going to bring the script to life. Watching “Neville” try on all of his costumes was pretty hilarious… who knew that costumes alone could steal the show quite like that? The costumes seemed to have quite the effect on Roger causing him to be quite Neville-like and take about an hour-and-a-half to get sandwiches for lunch from Timmy’s two blocks away… Long story… no one stayed lost… everyone did make it back alive… eventually.

Egg and Tuna Salad were successful mood managers and we managed to get through the afternoon of costume fittings and group photos and no one else got lost for the rest of the day.

On Sunday we blocked out a couple of the scenes that are quite physical or are scheduled on one of the really jam-packed days. That was pretty fantastic. A bit of a luxury to be able to work on a scene without the pressure of a crew, location time running out, or even a camera running. It was great to get a small sense of where each actor is taking their character… which we be very helpful this week when I am doing script-work, homework, etc.

I realized today that a map of my journey (as “Sondra”) from Paul to Stuart is where I will start my homework. I think that I will go through and ask myself five or seven of the same questions in each scene and start to map the arc that way. I am looking forward to getting started on that.

To finish the weekend off, we had a business meeting that gave us as much info as is available schedule-wise at the moment. We talked about accommodation and transportation. So far so good. Everyone seems to really be on board… all pulling in the same direction and excited to get started. Now I just have to pack…
— Leanne

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