21 May, 2007

Well I was supposed to blog last thursday when I subbed in for Russell Porter to play Roger!
It was wacky and wild, I spent four hours on the phone changing my flight when it could have been solved with one phone call... anyway!
I was welcomed very warmly and Kennedy and I did our first scene and it was a lot of fun!!
Crazy, crazy...
Everyone was wonderful and the local people Jonathan at the Marina was awesome, running us around in his speed boat!
Soooo much fun!
Flew back to Van the next day to pack my condo and move, came back Sunday night and while shooting today I learned a four page scene in about 5 min with the wonderful help of big K and David Nykl!!
Captain Bob was amazing and the speed boats whipping around made the day!!
The whole crew is great, just the right amount of chaos and serendipity making it magical!

Cheers, Alex Z/ Roger~

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