21 May, 2007

New Guy Screws Everything Up

Luke Dunn - Music and Sound GuyWell… I'm new to the production… I was up the first weekend to do the sound design and composition on the mini-trailer they have up, and that was the first time I met the director and most of the crew.

So here's a little background on me: in October of 2006, I decided to head out to Vancouver to start scoring films. I sold what wouldn't fit in my car, packed up my recording studio, and drove across Canada, settling in Vancouver where I now reside.

Now back to the tale…

After leaving that first weekend, and seeing how excited everybody was about the film, I decided to leave my job and head back do the sound recording on set. Having never done sound on the set of a film, I was a bit nervous to say the least. Devin gave me a run down of set protocol the night before my first day; which helped out a lot because before that all I knew was 'action' and 'cut'.

On the first day I arrived on-set on time (good start), had time to kill a butt, and then we were off to unload. I was nervous to begin with, seeing as how the first location was in an empty parking garage (not the ideal location to record sound… unless you like big, hollow sounds).
Fabrice Grover - Photographer, even in the car park
I was all gun-ho and started unloading the trailer… got all my equipment, and started to move it, when the only battery pack we had to run everything fell and cracked…

Everyone stopped and looked as all the blood rushed to my face…

5 min on set and I destroy the fuckin’ battery… loser!

Thankfully the thing still worked, but now I had to spend the next day, the first day off for everyone, fixing the thing so we don't get screwed by the rental place.

Now after the second day, it continues… in a midst of panic, rushing to get set up for the next shot, I accidentally un-plugged Devin as he was backing up the hard drive with all the footage on it.

Thankfully the hard drive wasn't damaged… but this was the second time this happened to Devin that day — not to mention the problems with the last hard drive we're still trying to over-come — and he just about lost it.

All in all I've had a great time so far. It's awesome to have the opportunity to work on a project like this, where everyone is so excited and understanding of my fuck-ups.

We've had lots of problems pop up, but so far we've managed to over-come them all.

— Luke

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