15 May, 2007

The Heat Was Hot, We Nearly Froze

Devin Schule - Crew MemberIt was Tuesday the 15th of May.

We started early due to the inevitable first day jitters of "wow, did we bite off more than we could chew?"

Other than that, all of us were stoked for the new day of shooting.

We arrived to the location around 9AM. It appeared to be a great day for lighting, with barely a cloud in sight.

Everyone crowding around playback — Image ©2007, Fabrice GroverHowever, it's best if you're used to being in desert-like terrain with little shade in sight. If you are, then you'd already understand that the morning is deceivingly slightly cool which, as the day goes by, grows in intensity to a temperature at which heat stroke is nearly impossible to avoid.

I, myself, suffered the wrath of such a merciless terrain. Yet I, nor the crew or cast was about to be beaten by sickness and fatigue of the blasted heat.

We carried on following the ideal which had been laid out by a man who did so much for the independent film community. As a result of his example of dedication, that for us to be attempting the near impossible — to go far beyond just a simple harsh terrain, a budget that most would laugh at, or nearly being shut down due to a ignorant Union — nothing could stop us.
— Devin Schule

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