26 August, 2005

Is this it?

Kennedy Goodkey - Writer DudeWell, I'd hoped for better, but with only four hours left until the auctions are over, I'm betting we're pretty much looking at our final price. But our hits are pretty great.

Craig sent me an edit of the script yesterday, I just finished going over it. Lots of good food for thought. Certainly freshened my mind as far as the structure goes. I'm resisting two of his larger changes, but in so doing I've been forced to more carefully consider
  1. what the scenes in question accomplish in the movie
  2. if there aren't better solutions than either what existed or what he did.
In both cases I think we're on our way to a cleaner solution to the plot points involved.

In one case, I think he over-cut in order to fix a problem (and actually failed to cut a portion that was even more of an issue in the same problem); in the other, I think he cut where he should have been adding (and not much adding at that). He came up with a few other changes which generally were positive and if anything inspired me to think outside of what we'd already established. Hopefully this draft will round out in a few days.

Craig is leaving for Toronto soon (Sept 1st). Kind of scary. Just as we need to kick out the jams on our NSI application.
- Kennedy

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