20 August, 2005

A Quiet Saturday

Kennedy Goodkey - Writer DudeCraig and Wendy and I had an early start today. Woke at 6am for a 7am meeting.

We are a bit in "what now?" mode.

We're a bit confused by the response on eBay. Lots of hits as far as we're concerned, but the price is growing pretty slowly. On one level we know that the heavy hitters aren't even going to get involved when the price is this low — certainly not until the end. Why would they come and inflate the price now? But it's unsettling. The price still grows, but it has yet to pay for the launch… not that the launch was about much more than getting some attention — which it succeeded in doing. But with all this attention, why is there such cautious bidding? You'd think that average joe would be thinking "Wow! I could buy a chance to advertise in a movie for a pittance!" I dunno. We've got attention — that's the bottom line.

We really met to discuss additional funding possibilities. We have to work towards getting other money. Pure and simple. And we can't drop the ball when we've got this momentum going.

In the interviews so far we keep getting asked the same question. I hate having to dodge it. "What is your budget?" The real answer is, the budget is whatever we get, but we can't fucking SAY that — well, I just did, but I mean we can't say that in a newspaper article! And when we meet with investors we need to have a detailed budget. We've had a number of doors open along those lines and we can't go in and screw our credibility by not knowing what we're asking for. We were under such pressure to get the launch up and the auction well done that we dropped all other tasks.

We've got to get this done and fast. Craig is going to do a budget this weekend, but that's a weak solution. We need to get someone who knows their stuff to do it up and fast.

Not liking this very much. I dreamed that there was a bit of a break here. What a knob I was. At least the phone isn't ringing... a quiet Saturday... is that really a good thing?
- Kennedy

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