28 August, 2005

Report from the ReelFast Frontlines

Kennedy Goodkey - Writer DudeThe ReelFast gala was last night.

I can't say I've ever enjoyed it more. The top ten films were actually the top twelve (five years running that there was a tie for the 10th place — me thinks they should put a process in place to deal with that), and not one of them offended me as a choice. There were two which I would not have picked as top ten, but neither upset my sensibilities.

I ran into Rob Neilson who was our editor for last year's project. He's doing quite interesting stuff around town these days. I know he's aching to direct a comedy. He apologised for not making it to our launch, but wanted to discuss the project. It didn't really happen last night, but we did discuss discussing it. I don't know what we'd do if he said he wanted to direct and could add some promise to it really happening. ‘…Cross that bridge when we come to it’, I guess.

Also got to thank Lori Triolo for the Cold Reading Series' donation to the project.

Her film made the top ten. Nice piece. Their location was our submission (our photograph was poorly used in the Audience Choice Award winner, and our food donation also made it into a top ten film).

Our auction winners have started contacting us. Tracey is going to handle the $$ business and then we'll take over from there.
- Kennedy

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